Sunday, 26 December 2021

How Are You Upgrading Your Writing Life?

Well, at the time of this writing another delightful Christmas has just gone by in all Christmas-celebrating parts of this glorious globe we share.

I trust you and your family had a very Merry Christmas!

A new year is fast approaching: a great time to resurrect old (or new) goals, dreams and desires.

What is it that will be different for you? What will you be doing to establish something new in your life in the area of your writing?

What will you commit to changing about the way you approach your writing and establishing this beautiful practice as a daily habit or routine?

Are there any accomplishments you'd like to achieve?

What will it be for you this coming year?

Friday, 26 November 2021

NaNoWriMo Got You Down?






Joy? Ease? Flow?

What have I missed here? What's it been like for you?

Exactly how has your NaNoWriMo* been going?

Have you just completed that first draft of your spectacular, genre crushing, New York Times bestseller yet?

How close are you to completing your 50,000 word novel?

50,000 words!

That's all you need to write in order to conquer, dominate and stomp all over NaNoWriMo. And it doesn't even need to make any sense.

50,000 words.

1,667 words each day over a period of 30 days.

Sure, 50,000 words might seem like a lot to write and get done. Especially if you've been hovering around the 2,000 words mark, or so, for most of November.

If that's the case, you've got A LOT of catching up to do. Good luck. Time is ticking - November is almost done.

If you've completed your NaNoWriMo: well, congratulations to you. You've earned the right to be smug and boast about it on your favourite writers' hangout online.

If you're close to completing... then get cracking. Get yourself over that finish line. Come on Buttercup - there's so much gloating to be enjoyed.

Regardless of the NaNoWriMo category you fit into the world NEEDS your creativity; the world needs your contribution.

The world NEEDS your unique perspective and your approach to this wonderful thing you do of expressing yourself.

The world needs your novel.

Do whatever it takes to get those words written.

1,667 words per day. You can do this!

NaNoWriMo is a glorious movement. It has inspired an inordinate amount of authors and wannabe authors.

NaNoWriMo doesn't have to take place only in November.

It can be every month. Better yet, it can be every day.

Since you're serious about getting good at writing I urge you to make YOUR NaNoWriMo EVERY DAY!

Regardless of your experience of the actual NaNoWriMo this year, you can dominate the fook out of it going forward. Work on your writing muscle and turn it into a discipline or a habit you get flex every day.

It's not difficult. It's not impossible.

Simply get that rear in your writing seat and write, write, write.

Like I mentioned, the world needs your contribution. It needs it a lot sooner than you'd expect.

Now stop procrastinating and get writing.

*NaNoWriMo = Aah! That glorious time of the year, National Novel Writing Month, every November when hundreds of thousands of authors commit to complete a 50,000 word novel. It's a flurry of creativity, inspiration and community. Some writers nail down their 50,000 words of a rough draft, eventually going on to publish their polished novels with a traditional publisher... whilst others fall by the way side, sidelined by the distractions of life. This wonderful madness has been going on since the very first NaNoWriMo in 1999, starting out with just 21 crazy people hungry enough to get their novels written.

Friday, 19 November 2021

"How to Write Every Day..."

So, you reckon it's about time to start taking this writing thing seriously?

It's time to get your writing done in a more disciplined way.

Well my friend, it looks to me you've finally got yourself to the point of needing to habitualize this whole skillset.

What you're needing is a routine.

A ritual.

A habit.

Consider this: You and I are meat suits or a bag o'bones driven by a set of conflicting wants, needs and desires.

And habits.

These wants, needs, desires and habits move us to take actions or get us to the point of inaction (until an external force or hunger or passion acts on us).

Now, habits are those nasty little things that can sabotage us and keep us from getting the things we want in life - the things we do automatically that can negatively impact our health and wreck our chances at living the life of our dreams.

Alternatively habits are those wonderful, joyful things we jump out of bed to get going with - those things we do automatically that can positively impact our health or set us up for success... or at least give us the best darn possibility of being successful.

Whatever success might mean for you, the thing that will get you there is not motivation or a goal. Having a goal is lovely and all... but its akin to wishful thinking if you're not taking DAILY action to get there. Motivation is ok, I guess. But it's the same as having a goal if you are not taking that DAILY action.

Stop short changing yourself. You don't need motivation or a goal.

The thing that WILL bring you success is a neat little habit.

A consistent, daily habit.

That thing you do automatically, without having to force yourself into doing it. Even on days when you simply don't feel like doing the thing. In your case: writing.

"But Jason, I'm naturally lazy!"


You're not lazy. You simply haven't installed the right habits.

Or rather, you've installed a habit or habits of not getting things done. Like writing.

Or at least not WRITING EVERY DAY.

You ain't lazy. You need that habit of daily writing.

Everyone is Lazy

And now, I reserve the right to contradict myself. I'll put this another way: everyone IS naturally lazy. It's the default mode.

You are not alone. Phew!

There you go Buttercup... quit beating up on yourself.

Also stop excusing your lack of getting shit done for this supposedly immutable characteristic you can't seem to do a damn thing about.

You see, you too can do something about it. Anyone who has ever achieve anything on a grand scale had to find some way of getting over their 'natural laziness'.

And you can too...

Let's imagine you are exactly like Elon Musk... or Kobe Bryant... or Stephen King... or J.K. Rowling.

How is it that they have gone on to achieve these incredible successes in their fields and you're sitting in your underwear, snacking on Cheetos, reading this in the hope of some form of salvation?

Habits. Habits. Habits. Habits.

Sure, Musk might be more intelligent. Bryant might have bern taller. King might be more imaginative. Rowling might be a better wordsmith.

These natural abilities have come in handy to assist them in their chosen pursuits.

Each of them at some point in their lives installed habits that assisted them with their natural abilities.

They overcame their default mode, they got beyond that human tendency towards slothfulness. And you can too.

I have no way of knowing what your natural abilities are. Maybe you're a tall, intelligent, imaginative wordsmith. Maybe you're a short, intelligent, imaginative, wordsmith.

Maybe you're neither.

Well... you're clearly intelligent. Intelligent and so very, very attractive. You're here, reading this blog post after all. That's a clear sign of intellect, attractiveness and having discerning taste. (Even though you might be sitting in your underwear, snacking on Cheetos, reading this).

Regardless, it's time you start installing some new habits.

If you're not writing everyday then it's time to upgrade your output and get that butt in your writing seat and begin churning out words.

Start with creating a 5 minute block of writing time. EVERY. DAY.

Make it sacrosanct.

If you're brave bump that up to 15 minutes or 30 minutes. 

If you're psycho-insane, a glutton for punishment and prepared to commit... then do an hour or more.

If you're already writing on a daily basis, that's excellent. Go ahead and bump up the amount of time you spend on your writing.

Internalize the habit.

Turn it into something you do every day, preferably at the same time.

Write, write, write!

"But Jason, I can't! I've got a life and responsibilities..."

No excuses, Buttercup!

Cut down on your Netflix bingefests and your mindless Instagram/Facebook scrolling (or whatever time-wasting guilty pleasures you have). They aren't serving you no matter how you try to justify them.

Wake up an hour earlier. Go to bed an hour later.

Skip over the housework... or postpone it for the duration of your writing session.

Isolate yourself during your lunch break, stow yourself away somewhere to write.

I don't know your life situation or where you'll be able to steal a block of time each day in order to write. What I do know is that it's possible to do so. I'm yet to meet someone who doesn't have a sliver of time they can take from something else and dedicate it to writing.

This whole writing thing is important to you, right?

You wouldn't have read this far or even discovered this secret corner of the internet if it wasn't.

I give you permission to be selfish about your writing. You have permission, if that's what you need, to take a chunk of time from something else... anything else... and dedicate it to establishing your daily writing habit.

(Just don't jeopardise your source(s) of income. Your boss won't like that. Neither will your significant other. Or your kids/pets. And don't get me started on your bank manager or the taxman. They won't approve either. You have so many people depending on you. Keep those sources of income flowing steadily).

Keep the job and write in the gaps.

Now my friend... set yourself free... and write, write, write.

Sunday, 3 October 2021

The Key to Success With Your Writing: If You Wanna Get Good, You've Gotta Get Going

 There's no short cut to success. There's no magic pill or trick.


If that's what you truly need and want then you're in the wrong place. I invite you to click off out of here and find somewhere else on this immense and expanding universe of the world wide web that's going to blow magic smoke up your rear to convince you there is a magic pill.

If you want to get good, you've got to get going. Get your rear in the chair and get those fingers tip-tapping on your keyboard. You've got to put in the sweat equity of time doing the actual deed of writing.

Your writing might be brilliant. And then it might be pure drivel.

That is besides the point. That is not something to concern yourself with just yet.

Write, dammit! Write!

That's all there is to it. Get writing.

You can worry yourself about putting out good, quality writing later on. First you want to put in the time: hours and days.

Increase your word count. Increase the number of words and ideas you've constructed.

Also: Read.

The more your read and absorb the works of great writers the more this is going to influence the words you write and the works you create.

And, where possible, consider studying the craft of writing.

But above all: WRITE!

Saturday, 1 May 2021

"Conquer Writers Block Once and For All..."

Does that vile, uncomfortable feeling grip your gut when you're faced with a blank screen or paper... and an impending deadline is fast approaching?

You have no idea what to write or how to begin?

Or worse: you've become comfortable with the feeling of writers block. You've befriended it. It's your pal... and you'd gladly scroll away hours of your life on Facebook or Instagram... or play away your life on the latest Xbox or PS games... or go organise your photo albums.

Well, that my dear friend is all about to change.

You wouldn't be here if you weren't ready for that change.

There's a completely different way to go about this whole writing malarkey. And this is your baptism into the joys of writing... the zen of writing.

Writing, in a way that gets you into the zone... into flow... is a skill. A skill you're beginning to learn and master.


I warn you, these posts ain't gonna be pretty. But that's not why you're here, right?

You're here for that juice, that buzz... that pure unadulterated thrill of creating words, sentences, ideas, images and emotions.

That's the pure thrill of thumping out words on your keyboard - creating the magic of getting words onto the screen. And the ecstasy that creates inside of you the faster your type... the faster you create.

That is the flow state. That is the joy of getting into the zen way of writing. That is Zen Writing.

 Writing for the sheer thrill of that beautiful flow state.

How Are You Upgrading Your Writing Life?

Well, at the time of this writing another delightful Christmas has just gone by in all Christmas-celebrating parts of this glorious globe we...